Elbphilharmonie – New prints

Since 2017, concert posters have been published for selected concerts at the Elbphilharmonie. They are designed by three Hamburg design studios (Grace Helly, Zum Heimathafen, Spiegelsaal), each print is hand-signed and unique.
Since hardly any concerts took place due to Corona, the artists have followed up for the 2020/2021 season and produced three special prints with Elbphilharmonie motifs.
This is our second poster as the first edition was sold out literally over night, and demand was still high, we did another edition with different colors. This time, it’s the SUNSET EDITION.
Red to orange split fountain in various versions.
Edition of 100.
2 colors plus varnish on 270 gsm Metapaper extrasmooth warmwhite.

The posters are available in the Elbphilharmonie Plaza Shop or online.
As the prints are limited editions, many are already sold out. An overview of all previous and still available motifs can be found in the specially set up webshop: 26.Stock.