Love, faith, hope

We have already hinted at it, step by step we will add more and more artprints to our Etsy-Webshop .
Available next week: “Love, faith, hope”.

Linocut Print
Limited edition of 20 prints 

Approximately 35 × 46 cm  = 13.78 × 18.11″

Print area
Approximately 19 × 35 cm = 7.48 x 13.78″

“Love, faith, hope” is a new linocut-edition of a motif, which was used in a similar form as a gig poster for german band “Tomte”.

Printing method
Printed with hand-carved linoleum blocks and a printing press.

Japanese Simili Paper, 80g/m2

Oil-based “Caligo Safe Wash”