METZ support poster sale !!!

As you might have heard, our buddies @metz_theband got robbed in Santa Clarita, CA.
A trailer with a lot of their gear and all of their merch has been stolen. On the second day of the tour. We can’t even find words to express, how fucked up this is, esp. after two years of non-touring.

As the band continues to tour, we crawled into our archives and came up with this METZ SUPPORT POSTER SALE.
5 for 50!
A copy of every METZ poster we did (5 in total) for 50 EUR plus shipping.
100% of the proceeds go to the band!

This are the posters:
METZ w/ Lars Bang Larsen, Hamburg Molotow, March 3 2013
METZ w/ Cheatahs, Hamburg, Hafenklang, November 4 2013
METZ German Tour 2015 (Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Frankfurt)
METZ German Tour 2017 (Berlin, Hamburg)
METZ German Tour 2018 (Cologne, Munich)

For two weeks only!
Let’s do this!

Edit: The sale is over!