THE RAW STUFF III – or we’re in a book


413 artworks. 280 pages. 32 artists. 12 countries. 1 book.
Tom Gasperlmair teamed up with 31 of the coolest illustrators and graphic designers from europe to stuff their best illustrations and works for bands and the underground subculture in one book: THE RAW STUFF Vol.3!

THE RAW STUFF presents the nicest artworks from:


and features artworks for gig poster, vinyl artworks, cd artworks, tapes, merchandise designs, band beers, skate decks and other weird stuff like an x-ray t-rex for local and international bands of the rock / metal / punk / doom / stoner and psychedelic genre!

Next to thousands hours of work visible, the book shares a nice view on music-related scenes like tattooing and street art, too, and gives an insight in the daily life of every artist presented. Some nice words by Thomas Sulzbacher of @slamalternativemusicmagazine (feat. art by Richey Beckett, Michael Hacker and Shawn Knight) and @kapu_linz round up the whole thing, for more infos check out Please support us by grabbing the book now via pn, email or via our website! THAAAANKS!
Huge thanks to @aplacefortom for making this happen!!