Junglelyd – Album Cover Design & Illustration (now with proper images!)

The release date for JUNGLELYDs first album is 1st May .
The first single “coffee” also conquered number 1 on the Austria Indie Charts.

Gregor from Sounds of Subterrania Records asked us to create the cover design and illustrations.

Junglelyd is a Danish electronic live band that uses acoustic instruments and remixes to transport the listener into an imaginative universe of heavy beats and psychedelic sounds. The music is a tribute to the genres Tropical Bass and Cumbia, but genres like Hiphop, Electronica and surf music of the 1960s are also mentioned.
Junglelyd was started in the beginning of 2015 in Denmark by DJ Kenneth Rasmussen as a danish intepretation of the modern wave of south american electronic music in genres such as Digital Cumbia, Tropical Bass, World, Zouk, Moombahton, Latin and Dub. Junglelyd is Kenneth Rasmussen, Lasse Aagaard (Damn The Torpedoes, Surferinoes), Olaf Brinch (AddisAbabaBand), Asbjörn Helboe (Lis Er Stille) and Lasse Enöe (AddisAbabaBand, Blunt). In liveconcerts the band is extended by the 2 percussionists Feike Von Coppi and Martin Robert Madsen (both from AddisAbabaBand), and the VJ Maj Martinsen and sound-technican Oliver Halken Tönnes.